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What is Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract RxPen

What is Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract RxPen?

Reakiro’s Raw Hemp Extract - CBD Paste is the best CBD paste UK customers can buy both online and in-store. We have expertly designed a unique applicator, giving you a precise serving every time. With one click, you get one serving.
With a paste-like consistency, this premium CBD extract product preserves and contains the widest range of cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally found and extracted from raw hemp. Our CBD hemp paste infuses you with the natural health benefits and taste of hemp.

The purest CBD Paste UK product ingredients and usage

The purest CBD Paste UK product ingredients and usage

Our CBD Paste RxPen includes 1000 mg of CBD, contained within a handy, easy-to-use applicator, bringing you as close as possible to the raw taste of hemp. You get an exact 25 mg serving with every click. Also, it contains a balanced level of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes for you to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of CBD in a pure paste-like format.
Whenever you choose our Raw Hemp Extract, you can be confident knowing that it contains CBD with a THC level below 0.2%, the legal limit allowed in the UK.
With CBD paste, you can use the applicator to squeeze a serving onto a spoon or infuse it into whatever you are eating or drinking — such as salad or a smoothie — to enjoy the taste of CBD paste in its purest form.

Reakiro CBD paste UK - raw hemp extract

Reakiro CBD UK guarantees independent third-party laboratory testing

Because we have complete control over the extraction and production of all of our products at Reakiro, you’re benefiting from premium quality hemp-derived CBD.
We guarantee this through independent lab testing. As we have complete control of production, we can ensure the highest quality pure CBD extract UK within our raw hemp paste. We are transparent with our lab testing, giving you the confidence that you’re getting what you can expect from Reakiro raw hemp paste.
With these reports, consumers can decide which is the best CBD product for them. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t mix the paste with other ingredients to change the taste or consistency. We aim for purity, every time. At Reakiro CBD, you can be confident in knowing that pure hemp-derived CBD is the very core ingredient of our CBD paste.