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April 2024


⭐️ January 2024: Lee Green (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ February 2024: Diogo Lourenço (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ March 2024: Noor Aziz (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ April 2024: James (Trustpilot review)

2023 (archive)

⭐️ January 2023: Remy (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ February 2023: S Hart (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ March 2023: Dr Lucy Peltz (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ April 2023: Isidora Ranjit-Singh (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ May 2023: Ispri Eryri(Trustpilot review)
⭐️ June 2023: Diane Flanner(Trustpilot review)
⭐️ July 2023: Consumer(Trustpilot review)
⭐️ August 2023: Dmytro Unhur (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ September 2023: Karen Morgans (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ October 2023: David (Trustpilot review)
⭐️ November 2023: Garry Cooper ( review)
⭐️ December 2023: Tim Humphreys (Holland & Barrett)

2022 (archive)

⭐️ January 2022: Alwyda S. N. (Reakiro’s Facebook page)

⭐️ February 2022: Ian D. (Reakiro’s Facebook page)

⭐️ March 2022: Billy Drum (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ April 2022: Vilius G. (Reakiro’s Facebook page)

⭐️ May 2022: Lynda F. (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ June 2022: Marlene Sh. (Holland & Barrett review)

⭐️ July 2022: Mr Ismet D. (Holland & Barrett review)

⭐️ August 2022: Scott K. (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ September 2022: Richard Coupland (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ October 2022: Gerry Murphy (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ November 2022: Lynda Fisher (Trustpilot review)

⭐️ December 2022: Elaine Gill (Trustpilot review)