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    Earn more Points for different actions, and redeem points for exclusive discounts: 100 Points = £1

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    Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

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    200 Points

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  • How the CBD Loyalty Program Works

    100 points equals £1.00

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  • About Reakiro CBD UK

    “Reakiro” is the Esperanto word for “recovery.” As our name suggests, we strive to improve the lives of all of our customers worldwide. Reakiro is a renowned, award-winning producer of high-quality CBD products in the UK and Europe. We take pride in our ability to offer high-quality yet affordable CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD capsules, and CBD skincare products. 

    We are honoured to have won awards for our products, becoming a 2022 finalist at the World CBD Awards for most loved brand, most charitable CBD company, best edible, and more. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but we also take pride in our excellent customer service. This is why the Reakiro Team has decided to officially start the Reakiro CBD loyalty program, rewarding those customers who have supported us and have helped us get to where we are today. 

  • The Reakiro CBD Loyalty Program

    Our goal is to provide high-quality CBD products at an affordable price, and the Reakiro CBD Loyalty Program is the perfect way we can show our gratitude to our loyal customers.

    By joining our loyalty program, you can earn points to redeem for discounts on your future purchases. By joining the Reakiro CBD Loyalty Program, you are helping us promote our business and stay in touch with our valued customers, including you. What’s more, you will also be rewarded for your loyalty. 

    How does the Reakiro Loyalty Program work? - Simply purchase any of our CBD products, such as CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, or CBD sprays – it’s that easy! You will receive points for every £1 you spend on Reakiro CBD products, as well as having many more opportunities to earn discounts and coupons.

  • How the CBD Loyalty Program Works

    By joining our CBD loyalty program, you, your friends and family, can start earning rewards right away. We have developed a very simple points system that you can keep a track of within your online account with us. 

    There are many ways to earn Reakiro points so that you can quickly redeem your points for various money-saving rewards with us. From interacting with our social media accounts or purchasing products from our store, your points can quickly accumulate. You can cash in your points for rewards, and use these for discounts or coupons helping you to save money every time you shop with us.

  • Joining the CBD Loyalty Program

    It’s a very simple and straightforward process to join the Reakiro CBD rewards program. All you need to do to get started with earning your points is to create an account on our website. After clicking ‘join now’, you’ll be asked to enter some login details. Ensuring that the email address you register with is active in order that you can receive your points and rewards straight away.

    After you officially join our CBD reward program, you will be able to start earning points and collecting your rewards whenever you choose to.

  • Earning Points

    Earning points is really easy! Once you have created an account and signed up for our rewards program, you will instantly earn 200 points! From there, you can share or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive another 100 points for each social channel. 

    We’ll also send you 250 points every year for your birthday! 

    For every £1 you spend on our website, you will earn 5 points that you can use towards your future purchases with Reakiro. 

  • How to Use Points

    Once you have collected enough points, you can start trading them in for our rewards. There are a couple of options for rewards that you can choose based on your personal preference, how many points you have, or what you are purchasing. 

    You could redeem every 100 points for £1 to use towards our CBD products when. Or if you would like to save up your points and go bigger on your discounts, you can choose to trade in 1000 points for a 10% off coupon to use towards your next purchase. 

    Whichever way you decide to use your points, you can be sure that it will be worth signing up and choosing Reakiro CBD UK for all your CBD requirements.

  • The CBD Referral Program

    The CBD Referral Program is another excellent way to earn coupons and discounts when it comes to our CBD rewards program. By referring a friend or family member, you are both eligible for a reward through the CBD referral program. If the person you referred signs up for our loyalty program and makes a purchase on our website, you will both get a £5 off coupon to use towards future purchases of CBD products on our website. You can refer as many people as you wish! Not only does this let you earn a considerable discount that you can use towards your purchases, but it also helps your friends and family members to save big as well.

  • The Benefits of Joining the CBD Rewards Program

    There are countless benefits to joining our CBD rewards program, especially if you are a frequent consumer of CBD. If you choose to purchase all or most of your CBD products from us, there are huge savings to be made. You will receive frequent discounts and opportunities to save money when you choose to join the Reakiro CBD loyalty program and shop with us. 

    Our CBD loyalty program offers many different ways to save money, earn points, and collect rewards. You can earn points by completing simple actions like following us on social media, shopping from our store, or referring a friend. In addition, we offer a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD sprays, skin care products, and more. So, you can be confident that you will find exactly the right product for your needs.

    We hope that you will choose to shop with us often, as we offer many great products, we are sure that you will love receiving a reward from us every single time you choose to shop with Reakiro. 

    By becoming a member of our CBD loyalty program, you will be rewarded with our loyalty points for every purchase made, along with many other ways to earn points for rewards. 

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How Can I Join the CBD Loyalty Program?

Reakiro customers can join the CBD loyalty program by creating an account on our website. To do that, all you have to do is click the “join now” button and complete the form. You should ensure that your password is also secure and unique to keep your account and points safe and protected. After signing up, you can start earning rewards straight away. 

How Often Can I Receive Rewards?

You can start receiving awards as soon as you create your account. You will earn 250 points just by signing up for the CBD loyalty program! You will also earn points whenever you interact with our social media pages. Earning 50 points by sharing or following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You will also earn 5 points for every £1 you spend at our online shop, which you can do anytime and as often as you wish. 

Every year on your birthday, the Reakiro Team will send you a birthday gift of 250 points to be redeemed for rewards at any time. You can also receive a reward anytime you refer a friend or family member through the CBD referral program. In order to receive a reward through a referral, your friend or family member just has to make an account on our website and purchase something from our shop. Once they do this, you will both receive a £5 reward to use towards any of our CBD products on your next purchase.

How Can I Use My Rewards?

You can use your rewards to save money on any of our CBD products on our online shop, including CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD sprays, CBD paste, and much more. All you have to do to redeem your points is click “ways to redeem” and choose the option that you wish to use to redeem your points. The number of points you have determines the level of discount or coupons you can qualify to receive. You can trade every 100 points you have for a reward of £1 for you to use towards your purchase. You could also choose to save your points until you have 1000 to trade for a 10% off coupon. 

However you decide to spend your points, you will be able to receive a discount or coupon for the points you use towards your purchase. After choosing the reward you wish to use for your purchase, you will receive a promo code to use at checkout to redeem the reward of your choosing. Once you get to checkout, you just have to type in your promo code to redeem your reward and use it towards your purchase.

How Do I Receive Rewards for Referrals?

With the CBD referral program, you and a friend or family member can both receive £5 to use towards CBD products in our shop. In order for you and the person you referred to obtain this referral reward, you just need to send your friend your referral code before they make their first purchase. You can find this code by clicking on your rewards menu then “refer your friends.” Here, you will find your unique referral code. 

Just copy your referral code and send it to your friend or family member so that they can enter it when they go to make their first purchase. Once they make their first purchase, you will both receive £5 for participating in the CBD referral program. You can refer as many people as you wish and receive £5 for every person you refer as long as they enter your referral code before making their first purchase from our shop.

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