About Reakiro and Our Qualty

Reakiro is a brand that cares about the people and is willing to help them with products that can ease or relieve their daily life.

Reakiro Full Spectrum All CBD Products

About Reakiro

When it comes to taking the greatness of nature and putting it into great consumable products, we at Reakiro are some of the best in the business. We have established itself as one of the leading CBD producers of high-quality CBD oil & products.

Reakiro is one of the few European manufacturers to consistently trace the entire product lifecycle from seed to sale. Where most producers outsource the extraction to third parties, all our CBD oil is manufactured in our own HACCP, GMP, GHP certified facility through an advanced hyper cryogenic ethanol extraction.

In order to guarantee it’s premium quality, we work with independent, qualified and specialized cannabinoid testing laboratories for biomass and spot testing of all our products.

To meet Reakiro’s high-quality standards, we use traceable batch codes printed on each individual product label for complete transparency and reliability.

All these ensure that our customers are using trusted, reliable and consistent products.

Reakiro has been recognised for the Best Extract-Based Tincture as well as being the Most Charitable Company

We won! We are so honoured to have won two awards at World CBD Awards which took place in Barcelona. Reakiro has been recognised for the Best Extract-Based Tincture as well as being the Most Charitable Company. Being honoured at this prestigious awards ceremony is an amazing symbol of the whole team's strength across this past year.

  • World CBD Awards - Reakiro Best Tincture
  • World CBD Awards - Reakiro Most Charitable

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in the power of nature. Our main mission is to help change the world, naturally. This means constantly working with new innovations and the latest research to evolve our products to their optimum capabilities and also in line with our communities and desires.

We believe in the power of nature.

We believe in hard work, innovations, and community.

We believe in being a good neighbor.

We believe that reliability is a responsibility.

We believe that consistency is the commitment,

We believe in making your satisfaction a priority.

We believe in helping others in need and being part of something bigger.

We believe in changing the world naturally.

Reakiro Brands

Because our customer base is so large and diverse, we have various different product ranges to ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether it is variety in CBD extract, strength, or form - at Reakiro, we have thought of everything.

Discover Our Brands

  • REAKIRO Full-spectrum CBD

    This is our classic range of products, the line which we started with and perseveres to this day thanks to its simple and straightforward reliability. All products in this range, from oils and capsules to raw hemp paste, are full-spectrum products. This means that the CBD extract used in them contains all the natural and essential ingredients which are found naturally occurring in the hemp plant, along with CBD.

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  • SOOL Broad-spectrum CBD

    All SOOL products are made with 0%* THC broad-spectrum extract, alongside expertly blended complementing essential oils and ingredients. From boosting your general wellness to encouraging a superior sleep quality, get stuck into the SOOL range today.

    * THC level is below LOQ 0.0025% 

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