CBD oil and driving in the UK

CBD oil and driving in the UK


CBD Oil and Driving in the UK

The world of CBD is growing. Now, when it is found in all kinds of specialty products, such as chewing gum, creams, sports goods, and even pet treats, proponents of the now-famous cannabinoid find it applicable in almost any situation, from relaxation after training to a drop in productivity in the middle of the day. So, here is an obvious question Can I Drive and use CBD oil?

Quick Facts about Driving and CBD

  • CBD is harmless to health, but it can cause traffic accidents only because of the content of THC or individual reaction.
  • All presented hemp products are considered 100% legal in accordance with EU legislation. They are made from permitted agricultural varieties of hemp that contain a legal level of THC (less than 0.2%).
  • The study by Sydney University and Maastricht University, published in December 2020, showed that CBD does not harm driving, while THC intoxication affects driving for about four hours.
  • Can I use CBD oil and drive safely? The use of CBD did not affect driving, while the use of THC or a mixture of THC / CBD caused a slight impairment that appeared after 40 minutes of use, and the impairment lasted and disappeared after four hours.

Does CBD Affect Driving?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active component of marijuana. Everyone knows that Cannabidiol is another active ingredient in cannabis. But the effect that THC and CBD cause on the body and brain are completely different: from anticonvulsant properties to potential sedative effects.

Most CBD products will have instructions on taking the oil, and some suggest mixing it with food for maximum absorption. Most people believe that CBD should be taken with food to maximize absorption in the body. There's also a part that suggests high-fat foods will cause more CBD to be absorbed into the body than low-fat foods. The oil begins to work after a while, and some recommend not to get behind the wheel for at least four hours after using CBD oil if you don’t know its actual THC content.

No law prohibits the consumption of CBD before driving. However, the relaxing effect of CBD can make you less attentive and become a source of danger. However, it is recommended to be careful before driving.

Taking CBD oil and driving is possible! Regarding CBD oil, there is always a variant to get a doctor's approval and purchase only from reliable internet platforms. Some people may have side effects and should be careful.

Is It Legal to Drive a Car after CBD?

In the UK, the sale and consumption of Cannabidiol are allowed if the THC content in the product does not exceed 0.2%. If you are stopped behind the wheel of a car for a police check, the problem may lie in the THC component. A positive test can lead to the removal of 6 points on a driver's license, a fine, and imprisonment for up to two years.

It is better to choose a CBD that does not contain THC. It is also recommended to select a quality CBD product with a controlled origin to be sure that the mentioned THC level is well respected.

The Verdict

Scientists actively study the substance cannabidiol (CBD), and the results of laboratory studies are published in the mass media and cause disputes among readers. Products with CBD are in demand in health food stores, purchased by people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Can you take CBD oil and drive a car? The study says that using CBD does not affect driving. Still, when using CBD products, it is always important to carefully choose the company you buy and observe the recommended daily amount indicated on the product packaging.


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