How Long Does CBD Oil Last

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?


How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

Each bottle of your favorite CBD oil is limited, with an expiration date found on the label. However, expiration is not an exact science, paper marks can fall off, or you are just an inattentive buyer and forget to read the label and the fine print on it. So, how long does CBD oil last?

What Factors Affect the Duration of the CBD Effect?

How long does CBD oil last sublingually? You can feel the effect of CBD in 20-30 minutes after taking the mixture orally and experience the beneficial effect for 2-3 hours. To predict how long cannabinoids will support your body after consumption, you should stick to many facts.

  • How often do you take the mixture, what is the average dose, and for what period?
  • Patient’s gender: Men's metabolism is much faster than women's because they are usually bigger and have a little less fat and more muscle.
  • Metabolism: People with high metabolism don’t retain CBD for long.
  • Body mass index (BMI): CBD metabolites are deposited in fat cells, so the higher your BMI, the slower you will remove it from the body.
  • Hydration level: If a person has signs of dehydration, the concentration of CBD reagents in the body will be higher.
  • The method of consumption of a product also affects its duration.

When using cannabis, hundreds of compounds enter the blood: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. But only tetrahydrocannabinol, that is, THC is psychoactive, and it can arouse the interest of doctors and law enforcement officers studying your drug test.

CBD form

How long can it stay in the body?

CBD sprays

for 10 hours to about 2 days

CBD oral consumption

10 to 25 days

Smoking CBD liquids

for about a week

What Is CBD Oil Expiration Date?

Cannabinoids break down over time, so the therapeutic effect of CBD oil weakens. The shelf life of the product counts 12-24 months.

This period depends on several factors that you should pay attention to before buying the product:

  • Packaging - product is best stored in dark-colored glass bottles;
  • Extraction method – the most popular method of extracting CBD from hemp plants is using carbon dioxide, as it allows you to obtain the most chemically stable product, but cold-pressed oil preserves all natural ingredients;
  • Ingredients – various chemical compounds in the oil can reduce its shelf life. Therefore, choosing a product with the least number of additives is best.

How to Store CBD Oil?

A high-quality product is sold in airtight dark glass containers. The screw lid prevents the penetration of air and microorganisms inside the package, and the glass protects the liquid from light. To maximize the shelf life of the oil, it is necessary to

  • keep it in the factory packaging with a tightly closed lid at a temperature of 16°C to 21°C;
  • put the bottle in a dark place away from heating and cooling devices;
  • use only clean tools for collecting oil (pipettes or spoons).

How to Find Out That Cannabidiol Oil Has Expired or Spoiled?

How long does CBD oil last for people who open the bottle and use it actively? CBD oil can last six months once opened and 1-2 years if left unopened. The spoilage of hemp oil is evidenced by the following:

  • a disgusting smell;
  • bitter taste;
  • thick consistency.


CBD oil is an aromatic substance with a herbal or nutty aftertaste. It should be transparent and liquid. The oil may thicken and become cloudy after storage in the refrigerator, but at room temperature, the product returns to its original consistency within a few minutes. As a rule, the consumption of expired CBD products does not cause indigestion. However, the spoiled product contains a small number of cannabinoids, or they are absent. As a result, the oil ceases to have an effect.


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