Is CBD Legal In The UK?

Is CBD Legal In The UK?


Is CBD Legal In The UK?

According to the UN, Great Britain does more than support cannabis but also produces it for medical and scientific purposes. GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, based in Cambridge, grows about 25 tons of cannabis annually in greenhouses the size of a football field. Is CBD legal in UK? - Yes, yes but read this article first. 

What Is Meant By CBD?

Marijuana or cannabis is a psychoactive agent that is extracted from hemp plants. The hemp plant counts more than 100 cannabinoid compounds, but cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are the most used. Their ratio determines the properties of one or another type of cannabis.
Considering that both THC and CBD are part of the cannabis plant, many people tend to think that they do the same thing that makes you "catch high." This is not the case. There are many differences between CBD and THC.

Few Words About THC

First, THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. As a rule, marijuana with 17% or more THC is classified as a high THC content cannabis.

Few Words About CBD

But don't expect to feel jacked up or anything like that from using CBD. It affects the mind, causing positive changes in thoughts or regulating a person's mood. Besides, CBD can neutralise the psychotropic effects of THC.
To be clear, CBD is entirely non-psychoactive and 100% non-toxic. So, is CBD oil legal in the UK?

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Criteria For CBD To Be Legal

Marijuana has been recognised as a class B drug in Great Britain since 2009. Possession is prosecuted by the law and is punishable by up to five years in prison and distribution by up to 14 Years.
Despite the strict legislation, in practice, British police rarely use prison sentences for possession of marijuana. In most cases, upon the first arrest, the offender can, if it is a small amount of marijuana, get off with a verbal warning or a small fine. According to data for 2016, out of more than 16,000 cases related to marijuana, only 292 sentences involved prisoning, writes the BBC.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In The UK?

In Great Britain, since November 1, the purchase and use of marijuana for clinical use have been allowed in England, Scotland and Wales. Marijuana can only be purchased with a prescription. Doctors can prescribe such medications only in strictly defined cases when other drugs are ineffective.
Doctors are offered free online courses to explain in what cases it is permissible to prescribe medical marijuana. The Royal College of Medicine does not recommend prescribing cannabis-based drugs for pain relief.

Is CBD Considered Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is often confused with CBD, a non-psychoactive substance in hemp plants, and THC – a psychoactive marijuana component. British legislation allows the sale of food supplements with CBD if they are not named a medication and have no more than 1 mg of THC per package.
It is believed that CBD helps calm the nerves and is effective for insomnia and stress, pain management. CBD-based preparations, as well as cakes, candies, and much more, are now sold everywhere in specialty and health goods stores.

Which CBD Products Are Legal In The UK?

So, is CBD oil legal in the UK? Yes, CBD oils are popular on the UK market and are permitted. The assortment of CBD-contained products is vast, and you can quickly check each of them according to the main three criteria:
  • They don’t belong to medications;
  • They must not include THC (no more than 1 mg);
  • The product is authorised in the Novel Food list.

If CBD oil, paste, capsules, gummies, e liquids you will buy in 2022 meet all these criteria, you won’t have problems with the law.
Regarding CBD vape juice and its oil component, UK law dictates it is legal to sell if it doesn’t contain nicotine.

Is It Legal To Drive After Taking CBD?

CBD is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive cannabinoid and doesn’t affect driving ability. The product is entirely legal, but be careful about some products' THC levels.

Summing Up

Is CBD oil legal in UK? The current legislation doesn’t restrict citizens from buying and selling CBD products in the UK territory. CBD oil, as well as other food supplements, are legal. Nevertheless, don’t believe a seller at 100%. Read the label and check if the product you are going to buy doesn’t exceed 1mg of THC, THCV, or CBN and is not sold as a medical drug. Also, it would be great to check if the product is authorised in Novel Foods.


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