Why has my CBD oil crystallised

Why has my CBD oil crystallised?


Why Has My CBD Oil Crystallized?

Cannabidiol is produced as oil, food additives, and liquid for electronic cigarettes. On the forums, you can find questions about freezing hemp oil. What kind of flakes are in my oil? Has my CBD crystallised from the low temperature? Is that normal? Does freezing somehow affect the quality of CBD?
Cannabidiol-contain products are not cheap, and it is essential to store them correctly. We will answer all these questions from a scientific point of view and find out why CBD crystallised.

Why Is It Important to Store CBD Correctly?

Organic hemp oil contains more polyunsaturated fats than all other cold-pressed oils. The ratio of Omega-3 and-6 is 1:3. A considerable advantage of the product is that high-quality oil has minimal side effects since most organs tolerate it well.
Our body completely absorbs hemp oil in raw form, but it is not worth subjecting it to heat treatment. In addition, it is essential to observe the correct storage conditions for CBD oil. It is stored in a closed bottle in the refrigerator, or another cool place, away from sunlight.

Do You Need to Refrigerate CBD Oil?

Closed bottles with CBD can be stored at room temperature in a place inaccessible to sunlight, as they can initiate the oil oxidation process. Light destroys almost all the beneficial properties of vegetable oils. It is not by chance that any oil bottle is written: "Store in a place protected from sunlight." And this does not depend on extraction type.
Can Cannabidiol oil be stored in the refrigerator? If you buy CBD oil in bulk, storing it in the refrigerator is recommended to increase its shelf life. But keep in mind that the product does not like sudden temperature changes. If you put the bottle in the refrigerator, choose a place where the temperature is always constant and not very low.

Has My CBD Oil Crystallised from the Low Temperature?

Most manufacturers set the temperature in refrigerators to +3°C. Chemical analyses show that vegetable oil's freezing temperature is -4 °C. Unscrupulous producers do not indicate the freezing temperature of oils on the labels, as this parameter may differ depending on the hemp and extraction types.
CBD oil should be stored in a cool place protected from sunlight but not in the refrigerator. Oil freezes, forming white flakes and crystals. After thawing, it acquires its natural appearance, preserving all valuable properties, taste, and aroma.

Where and How to Store CBD Oil at Home After Opening the Bottle?

Most CBD products have a shelf life of one to two years. The best tips for proper CBD storage include the following:

  • The optimal option is a cool cabinet with a minimum of penetrating light. It must be clean so that no extraneous smell can spoil the product's natural taste.
  • The proper storage temperature is +5 or 15°C. It is not necessary to pour it from the factory container. If you still decide to change the bottle, the glass will be preferable. Do not forget that the container must be well closed.
  • If CBD oil stands on an open shelf or in another place where sunlight quickly penetrates, then one of the primary storage conditions should be observed – darkness. It is enough to pour the product into a dark glass bottle.


According to recommendations, CBD oil feels excellent in a dark cabinet at room temperature. Therefore, if you buy a product package, put it in the refrigerator. Cold temperature, although it allows for long-term product storage, can lead to crystallization. Don't worry if this happens. It is possible to return its consistency by leaving it at room temperature.


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