How to Read CBD Lab Reports or Certificates of Analysis

How to Read CBD Lab Reports or Certificates of Analysis?


How to Read CBD Lab Reports or Certificates of Analysis?

You may often read such complaints: “I tried this CBD, and I did not feel any effect.” Well, such cases, unfortunately, are not uncommon. And this is due to unscrupulous manufacturers. It is crucial to evaluate the quality of grown or purchased marijuana. When choosing a quality product for daily use, several aspects must be considered, from cultivation methods to processing methods and recommendations for use.
To do this, the product website must always give access to CBD lad reports. How to read CBD lab reports as well as any expert?

What Does Quality CBD Mean?

What does quality CBD mean for you? There can be no clear answer to this question since each person buys CBD for a specific purpose. And if the product meets your requirements, it is of high quality. Listed below are the most common criteria for CBD quality:

  • The absence of foreign chemical impurities. The purity of marijuana plays a key role. After all, no one likes cannabis, full of heavy metals, pesticide residues, or special additives to improve flavor or appearance.
  • The strength of the effect. Some consumers don't care too much about product purity and other issues. For them, the main thing is the power of influence. They tend to choose the best-feminized marijuana seeds with the highest THC levels.
  • Reliability and predictability of impact. If you have tried a product that suits you, you should choose the same product of a particular variety and already known effect.
  • Price. If you visit different stores and look at products from other manufacturers, you will see the price difference. Often more expensive raw materials are better. But this is not always the case. And this does not mean it will be good every time you buy a costly variety.

What Is a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

A certificate of Analysis is a document that proves that the products are of high quality and safety and also meet all other requirements put forward by regulatory enactments.
There is an international standard that defines the norms and rules that make it possible to ensure the high quality of the production process at all stages, including those related to the storage and testing of products. The lab analysis includes several indicators that an enterprise engaged in the production of a particular product must necessarily comply with.

How to Read CBD Certificates of Analysis?

Let's figure out how to extract the essential information from a CBD analysis certificate.

  • Types of cannabinoids present in a portion of the product: Any hemp is a plant that contains various cannabinoids. There are more than 80 of them. The certificate must list all cannabinoids, including THC. This component is psychoactive in high dosages and is controlled by the law.
  • Analysis of heavy metals: There are two columns in the certificate, one of which shows how much of each metal was found during testing in the material being tested. The second column shows the maximum amount the government considers safe to consume.
  • Analysis of pesticides: Some farmers use chemicals heavily, resulting in some remaining even after CBD oil has been processed. CBD analysis certificates often include pesticide test results.
  • Analyzing available terpenes: Why should you know the number of terpenes in a product? This indicator does not affect quality but rather can give the user an idea of ​​how their CBD product will smell or taste.

Summing Up

Checking CBD lad reports is the first thing to do before buying from an unfamiliar brand. This is a guarantee that your product is of high quality. Also, do not forget to check the cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles, heavy metal analyses, and the presence of pesticides and herbicides in the product. It's great if the label has a cue code for a certificate of analysis, which you can see right in the store.


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