How is CBD oil made

How is CBD oil made?


How Is CBD Oil Made?

Obtaining a higher content of CBD or Cannabidiol is a priority in growing cannabis. How is most CBD oil made? In this article, we want to consider the features of the production process, which is aimed at the benefit of more and more people.

Cultivation Process

CBD products are usually obtained from natural strains of hemp. Hemp is grown in soil rich in nutrients. Hemp growers are guided by strict rules regarding the production itself, especially organic fertilizers.

This stage is aimed at obtaining a high-quality and natural hemp strain. It is effectively developed to provide safe, regulated, powerful, and consistent products.

The cultivation process is under control because:

  • Certified seeds are approved only for hemp with a low THC content and are used for the cultivation and extraction of CBD.
  • Only experienced hemp growers can perform such work. They must comply with the existing rules.
  • Growers must have permission from the authorities to grow hemp.
  • Hemp should be without pesticides.
  • It is necessary to make sure that hemp is registered.
  • Only the best quality cannabis should be used for production.
  • Crop quality control is necessary.

Hemp Processing

Trimming and removal of plants are carried out outside the field. This requires time and physical effort. Manual labor helps to grow many plants, but losses occur due to the increased harvesting time. More than manual work is needed for large sowing areas. Using technology will help save effort and time.

Dried plants are stored in the warehouse after harvesting. In the production process, the crop is turned into a coarse-grained powder by grinding. The procedure complies with industry standards for production and processing. So, let’s answer how CBD oil is made of high-quality crops.

Production of CBD Oil, Pills

The products are subjected to extraction and cleaning, which provides a guarantee of organic preservation. Unwanted compounds are removed, and the degradation of natural molecules is stopped. As a result, you obtain high-quality hemp oil.

The stage is carried out using the following:

  • CO 2 pressure and controlled heat.
  • Ethanol is an additional extraction substance.

Extraction with Ethanol

As you already understand, the basis of any method of obtaining CBD oil is the dissolution of organic particles to get pure cannabinoids. Ethanol and other types of alcohol are often used as a solvent. The advantage of alcohol extraction is its low price. In addition, ethanol extracts cannabidiol molecules from plants faster and more efficiently. But during such extraction, more chlorophyll molecules enter the solution simultaneously with CBD, which negatively affects the oil's taste.

Extraction with Carbon Dioxide

Today, CO2 is the top way to produce pure and effective CBD oil. So, CBD oil, how it is made with this method? The essence is the preliminary liquefaction of carbon dioxide. Then pre-decarboxylated cannabis cones and inflorescences are passed through it. CO2 extracts terpenes and cannabinoids from plants. And then, it remains only to heat the mixture a little so that CO2 evaporates, and the finished extract remains in liquid form.

This technique is used today by leading manufacturers of medical cannabis products. And here's why:

  • Ready-made extracts contain a minimum of side substances. No solvent residues, combustion products, or excess chlorophyll are left in them.
  • Treatment with cooled carbon dioxide is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Gas can be reused, which reduces production costs.


How is CBD oil made by the gov rules? Oils based on CO2 extraction lead the world market today. It is possible to meet products produced using other technologies, except for local manufacturers without extensive industrial facilities or artisan craftsmen.


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