Debunking myths: separating the fact from the fiction around CBD skincare

Debunking myths: separating the fact from the fiction around CBD skincare


CBD skincare products hit the headlines around 2018, but the ingredient has been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians. That’s given plenty of time for many myths and stories about it to circulate.

So, what’s the facts behind the stories? Here’s the Reakiro take on them.

Myth: CBD is just a supplement you take

Certainly CBD is very popular as a supplement for all kinds of reasons. You might take an oil supplement or incorporate gummies or other edibles into your everyday routine.

Taking CBD as a supplement will play a role in supporting skin functions from the inside out. In the same way Vitamin E is both a supplement and a key ingredient in skincare products, the same applies to CBD.

Myth: CBD Skincare is just a gimmick that doesn’t do anything

You can understand why some people might think that, as there have been cases of brands jumping on the bandwagon and putting out products that contain little to no CBD. No wonder you might think they’re not doing anything for your skin.

But it’s worth knowing there’s ongoing serious scientific research into CBD and its action on the skin. You can easily find scientific papers from universities worldwide, including Denmark, Canada, and China.

One of the reasons that brands may not make significant claims about any CBD skincare products is to do with the legislation covering CBD. It varies significantly, even within countries in the EU. At Reakiro, we’re concentrating on making the best skincare products we can, enhanced by our CBD oil, derived from the highest quality industrial hemp.

Myth: CBD Skincare does everything

To read some of the stories, you could be forgiven for thinking that CBD skincare is the cure-all for everything and anything.

Don’t get us wrong; we think high-quality CBD has incredible properties. But it might be stretching it to suggest it can do just about anything.

Scientists have found CBD acts on many different processes in the skin, with better results on some than others. That puts it in good company, as you can say the same thing about well-known skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid or Allantoin. We don’t know yet the full extent of what it can do; that’s why there’s so many research projects happening all the time.

Myth: CBD skincare is only suitable for young skin

While research has shown potential positive effects of CBD oil on acne-prone skin, it’s not the only thing scientists have shown it has a positive action on.

That makes it similar to many ingredients in skincare that can have a range of benefits for the skin. For example, Niacinamide might be used in a product to help reduce the appearance of pores, but formulators also use it to help the skin against moisture loss.

Research continues to look into CBD’s potential benefits, including its anti-bacterial properties, and how it might help with acne, eczema, psoriasis and extremely dry skin.

Myth: It’s all just ancient mumbo-jumbo

While it’s true that using CBD in skincare use extends back thousands of years, there is ongoing intensive scientific research to help us understand all the possible actions and benefits it can have on the skin.

For example, there are studies into its effects on cells damaged by UV exposure at the University of Southern Denmark. A team at the University of Teramo in Italy looked at its anti-inflammatory effects, and there are many others that are ongoing.

So, how do you find good quality CBD Skincare?

There are a vast variety of CBD skincare products out there. Within any category of products, there’s always a variation of quality. We can’t say what other brands are doing, only what guides us at Reakiro.

We exercise complete control over the entire CBD production process, from seed sourcing to precise formulation and packaging design. We manage every step with meticulous care to ensure a superior product.

Here’s what we suggest you look for when choosing a CBD skincare product.

  • Check the dosage

You need a suitable level of CBD oil in the product formulation to get an effect on the skin. You should find this labelled on the product packaging. With the Reakiro CBD skincare, the CBD level is 200MG for the Eye Cream and 300MG for the other products. By checking the dosage, you’re ensuring you’re getting what you think you’re paying for.

  • Check the ingredient list

This might seem an obvious one. You’re looking for the words “cannabis sativa”, which might also be followed by “flower extract”, “stem water”, or “seed oil”. If you don’t see this, then it’s not a great start.

  • Look for other quality ingredients

There are so many other ingredients that scientists have studied for their positive effects on the skin, so why stick to just CBD? For the scientists behind the Reakiro CBD skincare, that’s meant including things like Bakuchi Oil and a plant pro-retinol.

  • Ask questions

If you’re not sure, then ask the brand. If you’ve never used CBD skincare before, having some questions wouldn’t be unusual. Most brands have FAQs on their websites or a chat function. Otherwise, find an email address and drop them a note.

We created Reakiro CBD skincare to make the most of our high-potency CBD oil in a simple routine to suit many skin types. As with all skincare, it’s about finding what works best for your skin, which can change over time and even throughout the year.

You might decide to take it slowly and just change one product at a time in your current routine. If your current products don’t seem to be working as well as they used to, you might decide to change more than one.

However you approach it, we hope that CBD skincare will give you and your skin the boost you’re looking for.

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